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Stars Casino: Get $100 bonus cash + 200 bonus spins

Stars Casino: Get $100 bonus cash + 200 bonus spins

Stars Casino: Get $100 bonus cash + 200 bonus spins
Stars Casino: Get $100 bonus cash + 200 bonus spins
Stars Casino: Get $100 bonus cash + 200 bonus spins
Stars Casino: Get $100 bonus cash + 200 bonus spins
Stars Casino: Get $100 bonus cash + 200 bonus spins
Stars Casino: Get $100 bonus cash + 200 bonus spins
Stars Casino: Get $100 bonus cash + 200 bonus spins
Stars Casino: Get $100 bonus cash + 200 bonus spins

Keno online for Romanian gamblers

Various types of lotteries are extremely popular in online casinos. This is due to the simple rules of the game, excellent winning potential and high-quality graphics of slots with this theme. Online gambling for real money allows Romanian players to freely choose bingo or keno, play at any time of the day and anywhere, quickly deposit money for a new bet or withdraw winnings through payment systems common in Romania.

If you’ve never played keno before, you’re missing out on the chance to place a profitable bet and win at high odds. Choose an online keno casino in Romania today and you will appreciate all the benefits of this exciting game.

What is online keno

Online keno is a game in the Romanian gambling lobby, which is built on the principle of a lottery. This means that the winning values ​​are completely random.

The keno player’s task is to collect a combination of 20 numbers that match the value of the balls drawn at random. If this is successful, the gambler receives the jackpot.

During the game, the casino client receives a card (sometimes you can select several cards) with numbers from 1 to 80. The card has 8 rows and 10 columns. On the card you need to mark up to 20 numbers that, in the player’s opinion, may appear. The random number algorithm starts working and balls with certain numbers appear. When the numbers on the card and the dropped ball match, a win begins to form.

Note that online keno is based on random numbers. Success in the game cannot be predicted or determined by strategy. It all depends on the player’s luck. This is where the main excitement lies.

An effective condition for winning in keno is control over the size of bets and a thoughtful choice of bets in accordance with the available bankroll. Reputable and new Romanian casinos pay out keno winnings according to how many numbers are matched during the round. The more matches, the higher the winnings. Remember that you can only choose 20 numbers out of 80, and the loss of balls with numbers does not depend in any way on what numbers the player chose, what his previous successes in the game were, or what keno bets he made. The random number generator is not sensitive to the gaming behavior of casino users.

Types of online keno in Romanian casinos

The variety of keno games available in modern online casinos will impress any player. All types of keno are available on official websites in desktop versions on PCs and mobile gadgets iOS and Android.

  • Keno with a progressive jackpot – the slot accumulates winnings from the bets of all players and pays the accumulated jackpot to the gambler who collects 20 matches, after which the jackpot accumulation begins again;
  • package keno – the user gets the opportunity to purchase several cards at once that will participate in the drawing, so the chances of collecting more matches during one game increase;
  • One ticket keno is a classic version of the game;
  • live keno;
  • Power keno – the player bets on one ticket, but can increase the winnings by 2 or 4 times if he catches a match on the established order of the ball, for example, if the match occurs on the 10 or 20 ball.

Online slots in Romanian casinos offer different game options. Some machines allow you to select more than 20 numbers. All keno slots also differ in graphics and bet sizes, winning odds and RTP.

Keno slots are equipped with a demo version, in which gamblers can play for free and learn the rules of the drawings without any financial risk.

How to play keno for real money

Romanian online gaming lobbies establish mandatory rules and betting procedures for users who want to play keno for money:

  • register on the website or in a mobile casino, confirm your profile data and contact email;
  • make your first deposit – the minimum deposit amount varies for different casinos, from 10 to 50 Romanian lei;
  • select a keno slot in the lobby – filters by provider, slot category and search by name;
  • start the game and select the numbers on the ticket, set the bet size and click Start;
  • the balls will begin to fall out, the numbers that match will be displayed on the card;
  • each slot has its own rules for winning – the number of matches that are paid, read about them in the information block of the slot. After the round is completed, the winnings are calculated automatically and credited to the gamer’s account.

You can withdraw your keno winnings from Romanian casinos after verification. Payments are made in Romanian Lei via bank cards, e-wallets and traditional bank transfers.

Romanian casinos with keno

Keno can be found in various Romanian online casinos. Play in trusted and licensed gaming halls, for example, YOJI, Winmaster, Vlad casino, Game World casino or Mozzart casino.

To choose the best Romanian keno casino, pay attention to:

presented payment methods and stated payment speed;

  • relevance of the license in the current period;
  • work of the support team;
  • accessibility on mobile;
  • bonuses for registration or deposits;
  • comfortable interface.

Choosing an online casino is an important step, because a proven and reliable lobby guarantees payment of your keno winnings and quality service.

Benefits of online keno

Play online keno in Romanian lobbies. Keno has basic rules – select numbers and wait for potential matches with the numbers on the balls that are drawn according to the RNG algorithm – and is characterized by a high speed of play. You can get your first win in a minute. Keno online is an unpredictable and exciting game in which providers offer high odds and various gaming options.


Where to play keno in Romania?

Choose licensed online casinos that offer different keno options — YOJI, Winmaster, Vlad casino etc.

What are the minimum and maximum bets in keno?

The bet size depends on the selected online slot, on average from 0.5 RON to 20-50 RON per round

Can I play keno with crypto?

Unfortunately, Romanian casinos do not accept cryptocurrency deposits, but you can play Bitcoin Keno on international gambling platforms without a Romanian license.