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Tournaments in Romanian online casinos

Gambling games real money is not only an individual game, but also an exciting competition of players who can compete in skill and betting strategy. The reward in such a competition is cash prizes, valuable gifts and free spins in top online slots.

Romanian online casinos regularly hold interesting tournaments, where you can choose tens of thousands of lei, expensive equipment and invitations to interesting offline events.

What are casino tournaments?

Online casino tournaments are a form of entertainment in which players must play a specific slot or group of slots in order to win the top prize.

Romanian online casinos hold tournaments:

  • in spins in a specific slot;
  • in several slots in one setting, for example, sea adventures or safari;
  • in slots of specific providers;
  • in games of a certain category, such as poker, bingo or blackjack.

During the tournament, users play slots set by the rules and score points for each bet. In some cases, points are awarded for deposits made to participate in a tournament.

Users who score the most points at the end of the casino tournament receive gifts. As a rule, the announced prize fund is distributed among the winners in accordance with their position in the tournament table.

All results are collected automatically after each user spin made within the competition. You can track your progress in the tournament in your personal account.

Tournaments held by casinos are constantly updated. They are held at the launch of a new release, during seasonal holidays, or to attract interest in a specific group of entertainment.

Take part in tournaments. It’s fun, exciting and profitable.

Benefits of participating in online casino tournaments

If you have registered at an online casino, you have already confirmed that you love excitement and thrills. Casino tournaments will help you add them to the game. In addition, tournaments have many other advantages:

  • you can get a big prize without wagering conditions – a cash reward, smartphones, watches, other gadgets, in some cases even cars, free spins;
  • you can play in several slots at once, but within the same tournament, which adds variety;
  • you can play slots that are not participating in the tournament, but then come back and make spins to earn points;
  • tournaments add elements of competition to the process and you feel part of a community;
  • you increase the base of slot machines and providers known to you and improve your gaming experience with the opportunity to receive a gift for the spins that you most likely would have made anyway.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to participate in the tournament while wagering the bonus, but you can freely use the casino bonuses received after wagering for tournament spins.

Romanian casinos that host tournaments

Today, many online platforms offer Romanian gamblers participation in tournaments. Tournaments have set deadlines, so it is important to keep track of how up-to-date the information about a particular competition is. We will list several online casino tournaments that were valid at the time of writing. This will give you a better idea of ​​the range of competitions, themes and potential prizes.

  • Lucky Spin on the Vlad casino website will allow you to win up to 1,500 free spins; the tournament includes 15 slots. Place bets from 0.5 lei and accumulate points. The more points you have, the more free spins you can get;
  • Mystery Drop from Gameworld casino is giving away a prize pool of 2,000,000 lei in Wazdan slot machines;
  • Magnum casino holds Grand Holiday Spinomenal tournaments with a prize fund of 500,000 EUR.

Tournaments regularly appear in the promo section of Romanian casino platforms. Stay tuned to the lobby for updates on the new giveaway.

How to take part in the tournament?

Licensed online casinos in Romania have clear rules for participating in the tournament and receiving winnings. Be sure to follow these guidelines and contact our customer support team if you have any problems or questions.

  1. Only registered users who have confirmed their contact information can take part in tournaments. Withdrawal of tournament winnings is possible only after full account verification.
  2. Participation in the tournament involves cash bets; it is not possible to participate in the tournament for free. Read the tournament conditions. If you need to make a deposit to activate your membership, please pay the exact amount. Calculate the deposit amounts in such a way as to make the number of spins that is enough to win.
  3. Online casinos can use various conditions to activate participation in a tournament – authorization on the promotion page, deposit from the promotion page, entering a promotional code, activation in your personal account. Please make sure you are an authorized tournament participant before placing any bets.
  4. The bet amounts to pay for the spins that participate in the tournament are agreed upon. If you pay a spin for a smaller amount, it does not contribute to the accumulation of points.
  5. Play slots that participate in the tournament. A list of them is always attached to the promotion description.

After the tournament is completed, the online casino calculates user points and distributes gifts in accordance with the tournament table. The amount of potential prizes is indicated in the promotion description.

Participate in tournaments in Romanian online lobbies to get the opportunity to top up your game account and receive valuable prizes and gadgets.


What prizes can you get for participating in casino tournaments?

Cash prizes are being drawn (prize fund from 100,000 lei), gadgets, invitations to offline events and concerts.

How long can I play in one tournament?

The average duration of a tournament is from a week to a month.

What rules and restrictions are there in tournaments?

A set of specific slots. Exact dates. Only registered players can participate. Only paid spins are accepted. The minimum cost of a spin to participate is set.